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Why Choose

Mosaic Media?


With 15+ years experience leading internet / software development projects, we have seen and done almost everything.  From simple business-card style websites to integrated Human Resources application systems integrating into corporate extranets, we have delivered it all. 


We take on very few projects at a time to ensure our full focus is given to the project at hand - your project!  This approach ensures that even a small business client feels like our most important client.


Our honest approach to every project usually starts with - "Do you really need this? - a question we ask each of our clients after reviewing their request and getting to know their business and their goals.  Sometimes the flashy "widget" you saw online isn't really going to help your business, so why spend your money on it!  We ensure the solution that is decided on will fit your immediate and future needs leaving room and option for expansion as needed.


Even after 15+ years in the industry, we still have a love for creating, editing and publishing projects online and helping our clients put their best foot forward online.  Seeing a client's business grow and succeed with the help of the solutions we work to implement with them brings our team the greatest satisfaction in our work.


No one is ever "just a client" with our firm.  We like to learn about your business and how it works to help you work through scoping what solutions will actually be of a benefit and achieve the goals being set for both the internet project, but also the business as a whole.

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